School Zone Not a Drug Zone:
Say NO to a Drug Injection Site at 446 York Street

The Ontario Government is Considering 446 York Street for a Drug Injection Site.
This terrible idea ignores the thousands of residents and school children who are in the neighbourhood each day. And what about local small businesses, their property, employees and customers?
There is a strong correlation between drug injection sites and crime, including open drug dealing, robbery and theft, assault, weapons offences, vandalism, mischief and prostitution.

Why 446 York Street is the Wrong Location for Addicts:

446 York Street does not meet the Ontario Government’s own criteria for drug injection sites.  The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s Consumption and Treatment Services requires:
Onsite or defined pathways to:
– Addiction services
– Mental health services
– Primary care services
– Social services (e.g. housing, food, employment, other)

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STOP a Drug Injection Site from Opening at 446 York Street – Next to London Families, Schools, a Daycare & Small Businesses.

We the residents of London petition Health Minister Christine Elliott to honour the Province’s original commitment to reject a drug injection site proposed for 446 York Street, for the following reasons:
While we have empathy for addicted persons, establishing a drug injection site mere steps from two high schools, daycare services and a YMCA is poor planning practice.
There are over 17 nearby businesses and over 2,000 concerned residents who live in residential towers adjacent to the proposed site.
Research confirms a direct correlation between injection sites and increased crime including open drug dealing, robbery, theft, break & enter, vandalism, assault, weapons use and sex offences. Addicted persons with low  socioeconomic status typically turn to crime to pay for drugs. Injection sites increase crime due to concentrated local drug use.
Typical of injection site areas include: drug-addicted persons loitering and obtaining unauthorized access to buildings; using entrances and lobby areas to sleep and defecate. Business and residential tenants are harassed while entering and leaving, making them feel unsafe. Those who walk to places like the YMCA, schools and businesses face added dangers. Waiting at a bus stop becomes perilous.
Customers will avoid patronizing local businesses out of fear. Taxpaying London residents own and operate these businesses. Protecting their livelihood and personal safety must be a top consideration.
The Thames Valley District School Board and London Catholic District School Board oppose a drug injection site at 446 York Street.
The site application contravenes many recommendations made by the City of London.
The Province’s ‘Safe Consumption Site’ application guidelines require robust ‘wraparound’ supportive services which are absent from the York Street location.

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